Splash Synthetic Urine Kit - 4oz
Splash Synthetic Urine Kit

Splash Synthetic Urine Kit - 4oz

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Splash Synthetic Urine is prank/novelty urine- By purchasing this product you agree it is NOT to be used for any unlawful purpose including, but not limited to:

  • Lawfully administered drug tests.
  • Harassment
  • To cause harm or injury 

    Thank you for considering Splash, a superior and highly realistic synthetic human urine. When you need realism, you need Splash. Compare and Win!

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    Compare and Win:

    • No Green Tint
    • Bubbles as authentic urine
    • 2 Sticky Heat Pads
    • PH Balanced
    • Gravity Balanced
    • Gender Neutral (unisex)
    • 4 Ounces (118ml)
    • True Quality
    • 1.5 Years Shelf Life
    • Free Priority Shipping
    What sets you apart from the other companies who offer a similar product?
    A lot! The most important in my opinion, is the protein. All human (and animal) urine contains protein, which is what causes the bubbles you often see. Put real urine in a clear bottle and shake it, you'll see the effect. The same effect will happen with Splash. The process for getting this formula correct is not easy, and it's why no competitors have replicated it. Not having bubbles is a clear sign that the urine is not real.

    We also include more, and at a lower cost. Two sticky heat pads that attach to the bottle (none of that rubber band crap), flip cap. There is also 4oz., which is more than others.

    Lastly, is professionalism. We use high quality everything; salts/proteins/creatine, the packaging, the bottle and caps, even the user guide is professionally printed on good stock. Not a crappy piece of paper.

    Do you offer a secure purchase portal?
    Yes! This store is built on a professional ecommerce platform, and all payments are secure.



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Add-On Only: Not for Individual Sale Free Shipping.