Slotted Toy Glasses - 4 pack
Slotted Toy Glasses - 4 pack

Slotted Toy Glasses - 4 pack

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  • Fun Shades: These Shutter Glasses are very fun to wear and model around. Shutter shades are available for both adults and children.
  • Party Accessories: The perfect accessory to use during birthday parties and other events. This makes you look more cool and trendy to other party guests.
  • Perfect for: These Party Sunglasses are best to use during birthday parties, Christmas parties, neon parties, rave parties, Halloween parties and other occasions you are going to attend. Also great for goodie bag fillers, party favors, giveaways and game prizes.
  • Material: Shutter Shades Sunglasses are made from high quality plastic material that is non-toxic and nature friendly. Strong, durable and free from any chemical odor.